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Paul Long Welcome to, a service dedicated to supporting Computing in education.  As an experienced Head of Computing, principal examiner, text book author and Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, Paul can provide you with quality programming project materials for the GCSE Computer Science along with materials to prepare for the examination in GCSE Computer Science.  The Ultimate GCSE Computer Science Resources, which include a digital textbook, animated presentations and much more, arealso available at a fraction of the price of the main publishers and with a wealth of additional resources.  Paul also provides training, revision sessions and consultancy.


This is what teachers and students have to say about the resources and training from

"As someone new to the OCR ICT A-level this year, the training Paul came and delivered was really helpful. The breakdown of the Structured Tasks and explanations of how to answer exam questions was particularly useful. We have found the resources bought to be thorough, but clear and easy to use. Students have also commented on how useful both the Similar but Different resources and the Exam Question frameworks are."
Scott Richardson, Hazel Grove High School

"I have ordered various A level ICT resources from you for many years and would like to thank you for producing them. The SBD Tasks are fantastic, but the SBD Videos are a terrific innovation. They were of great help last year and are useful to students of all academic abilities. Your excellent resources make the Structured Tasks easier (and less stressful) to deliver."
Byron Calderwood, Director of ICT, The King's School Gloucester

"Thank you very much for the resources that you created for the A level course. They are invaluable for us and makes all the work much easier. Our school bought the GO62 Structured tasks model answers resources last year and also the Similar but different tasks and answers and we were more than happy with them. It made the coursework delivery much easier for us and our results were very good too."
Ildiko Lazarova, ICT Teacher, Battle Abbey School

"Before my teacher linked me to your video playlist for the Database (Task 3) I knew I was destined to fail and therefore greatly compromise my ICT AS level as the Database task includes the most marks which I'm sure you're aware of. I was going to fail because I simply didn't understand the software and the teacher didn't have too much time to help as it would take her ages to guide me through the whole task. Four weeks before the deadline I was getting depressed about this project, my other subjects were fine but I knew ICT would be failed if I didn't complete this to a good enough standard. I was stumbling through the software, a long way behind my class mates apart from a couple who knew they were going to fail ICT before they took it (sorry Dan and George). I figured it just wasn't going to happen and I would have to retake all of ICT next year because of this... Until I received an e-mail from my teacher, a playlist to all of your wonderful videos. The way you went through everything slowly but not too slow and concisely, not filming anything unnecessary help enormously. I completed more of the work over one weekend than i had done for the previous month! Even though you weren't doing exactly the same project everything still made sense and most importantly I was finally understanding the damn software! It look me a couple more nights to complete and I couldn't have been happier. I'm handing it in at the end of this week and I'm more than satisfied sir! Thank you. I know the read was longer than I had promised earlier but I had to do something, I couldn't just give you another measly view on all the videos of your playlist, I had to write something to the man himself, so if you're still reading, if it's worth your time, I must thank you one more time as you've probably saved me a year of my life as I can progress to the next level of ICT! I don't know if you get paid or anything but I just want you to know that making the videos helped one mear student at least, and I will be forever greatful, thanks again Paul!"
A Student, Chancellor's School, Hertfordshire

"I've just logged on and looked through all your SBD and answers. Thank you thank you thank you! Can't even imagine how long all that would have taken me to do. What a huge benefit to students having those similar tasks to gain the skills."
Sally Berry, ICT Teacher, Howard of Effingham School"

"Thank you very much for coming in today and for the excellent guidance you gave Richard and me with the coursework - it's going to make a big difference."
Sona Champion, Moreton Hall (Shropshire)

"I paid for Paul's expertise in 2012 to help with departmental planning. He proved to be responsive to my requests and tailored his support to exactly what I needed. Along the way he was transparent and what he provided has been well received and used already. I would recommend Paul without hesitation."
Jonty, Teacher in the Midlands

"Paul sets everything out very clearly in his user guides.  You don’t need to attend OCR training sessions costing in excess of £200 if you buy these guides!!"
Janette Cheek, ICT Teacher, Sandhurst School (Berkshire)

"Thank you for the training event on Wednesday. I’ve been using your resources for a couple of years now and they’ve been invaluable, likewise the training even was incredibly useful and I’ll definitely be attending again when then next set of structured tasks are released."
Guv Sembhi, Westminster City School

"I love Access! I'm getting to grips with 2010 but I would be absolutely nowhere without the marvelous Paul Long and his similar but different tasks. If the department didn't buy them, I would buy them myself!"
Alison Elmes, Longcroft School (East Riding)

"Hi Paul just to let you know that I took the resources to my student yesterday and they have been a MASSIVE help to him. A lot of progress has been made and he has something that he can work with when I'm not there."
Sam Berridge (Personal Tutor)

"These resources are excellent."
Rob Cadwell, Teacher of ICT, Range High School (Sefton)

"Placing an order for these fantastic resources Paul to support a new colleague."
ICT Teacher (Hampshire)

"Thanks that's great, superb resources I have used them this morning.  Very impressed with the Structured Tasks resources."
Chris Fairbourne, Head of ICT/Computing, Hill House School (Doncaster)

"Just like to say a huge thank you – your resources are amazing."
Darren Anderson, Curriculum Leader for ICT, The Rochester Grammar School

"Can’t say how great your resources are, thanks."

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