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ICT Revision Sessions

Paul runs revision sessions for A Level ICT in schools. 

Revision sessions cover:

  • examination technique
  • question styles
  • diagrams
  • 'hot' topics

Sessions range from 2 hours to 2 days.  Each session will be tailored to your students' requirements.  Please contact to discuss.

A typical whole day revision for A Level ICT could include some (but not all) of the following:

  1.  Introduction and starter
  2.  Exam Technique
    1. Describe
    2. Compare
    3. Explain
    4. Evaluate
    5. Justify
  3. Key Words
    1. Characteristic
    2. Limitation
    3. Purpose
    4. Use
    5. Advantage/Disadvantage
  4. The discussion
  5. Diagramming
    1. Process diagrams
    2. Entity Relationship Diagrams
    3. Data Flow Diagrams
    4. Gantt
    5. CPA
    6. Flow Charts

Throughout the day, various techniques will be used including:

  • Interactive Whiteboard games
  • Past exam papers
  • Assessing sample answers from students from real exams
  • Peer assessment
  • Group discussion
  • Team work

This presentation is a SAMPLE of what has been used previously for A2 revision.  It includes the first 23 slides of a resource that is used as the framework for the session.  It is NOT death by Powerpoint as students are doing much of the work throughout the day.  It gives an idea of what might happen during the day.  All resources that are provided are licensed for students in the current cohort to use and teachers are welcome to use those resources in the classroom to build upon the revision day - although only with the current cohort of students.

Revision sessions can be delivered in a full day (5 hours student contact) or half day (2.5 hours student contact). The cost for a full day revision session is £580 +VAT. The cost for half a day is £390 +VAT. A quote can also be provided for a different number of hours or for two consecutive days. All resources used on the day, plus any others that are part of the revision material pack, are included within the cost for use with your current year 11 group. To keep costs low, schools are asked to print and copy the materials required for the revision session.

A full day revision session offers best value for money and ensures there is sufficient time for students to try out techniques and receive feedback. Half day revision sessions can’t cover all the exam technique listed above due to time.

Travel and accommodation are usually included within the total cost, although please do ask for a personalised quotation if your school is in a remote location not easily accessible by public transport (eg Cornwall, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland). For schools inside the M25, there may be an additional charge of £50 to cover increased accommodation costs, although this will be waived if costs are not as high as expected. Discounts can be negotiated for schools in the Midlands area where travel and accommodation are not necessary.

If you have a small number of students which makes it difficult to cover the cost, then you may wish to join in with another local school. You are welcome to do this for up to a total of 45 students.

Feedback from Schools

"Would like to thank the mighty @paullongnet for his exam tutorial a while back. Has really helped me with today's ICT exam."
George Brimble, Student

"Thanks very much for your session it was just what they needed and many now have a good insight into the AS/A2 exam. I will certainly do it again next year."
Chris Fairburn, Head of ICT, Hill House School

"Our girls were all really positive about your visit and felt your time and input had helped them significantly.  It would be great if you could help us again next year."
Elly Blake, Lead Professional ICT and Mathematics, Lordswood Girls' School

"Thank you so much for coming in on Tuesday and working with my students.  The students got a lot out of the day, and have fed back how useful they had found it."
Victoria Wickington, ICT Lecturer, Nelson and Colne College

I just want to thank you for the work you did with our students yesterday. They have all said how much they got out of the sessions and definitely recommend you for next year."
Lisa Coakley, Assistant headteacher, Clapton Girls' School